So what does 63Above mean anyway?

If you got this far, you must be somewhat intrigued by our Everest glass or who we are as a brand.

It all started when a group of mates were sitting around one evening enjoying good company when one member of the group asked if anyone knew the optimum temperature to enjoy a whiskey. It was an interesting question and so a big discussion started; should it be chilled, should it be warm(ish), should it simply be at room temperature. There were mixed opinions that night and so we set out to understand our opinium temperature for enjoying a whiskey.

A few days later, we setup our “temperature lab”, we would love to say this was 10 scientists dressed in white coats surrounded by bubbling liquids and test tubes, but in truth, it was simply one of our home bar areas, with multiple whiskey’s, different shaped glasses and a few thermometers. Over the next month, we experimented having whiskey at different temperatures. This was achieved by either cooling whiskey in the fridge or heating it by putting the whiskey bottle in warm water. The number was recorded at the starting temperature and with every 1 degree temperature change, we would each smell the aromas, take sips, discuss and debate the experience.

And with much testing, experimentation and through a process of elimination, we reached a consensus that a temperature of 63 degrees fahrenheit was our optimum. And so the brand was born.

As whiskey enthusiasts ourselves, we appreciate that whiskey is more than just a drink. It’s about quality time, great experiences and how we share and reward our most meaningful moments. The journey to decide our most optimum temperature was exactly that - the process of enjoying quality time and great experiences together. That is what we value the most at 63Above.


The Everest Has Landed.

We admit, there were days when we doubted we would get there. But after more than 6 months of development, a lot of experimentation, testing and learning, we are so proud and excited to finally say we got there! This glass is a symbol of bold ambitions and the relentless pursuit of achieving life’s goals. And what better way to do this than to craft the highest peak in the world inside the base of a whiskey glass! And having the summit breaking through just added to the dramatic nature of this glass that is simply out of this world! We didn’t guess the shape, this glass is 3D modelled on Mount Everest. It’s as unique as it is inspiring, much like the mountain itself. But this glass is not just about climbing Everest (although it could be). We know everyones definition of ambitions and goals is different, and that is how we want it to be, it’s for you to decide in your life what that means to you.

We like to think our whiskey glasses are more than just a glass shape.

We strive to achieve an experience that when you will pick up that glass, your drink will mean more to you. We created 6 core principles for which, if an idea we have can lead to a design that meets these 6 principles, then we believe the glass can achieve the experience.

A Sense of purpose

Tells a story

Uniquely different

Geniusly transformative

A piece you want to share

Intricate in detail

So how is 63 Above glassware made?

63Above glassware is made from ultra clear 100% lead-free glass. We call our glass ‘high white’, which unlike crystal glass does not contain any lead. Hold it up to the light, the clarity is stunning. 63 Above whiskey glassware is not made by machine, every glass is handcrafted by a team of more than 10 glass blowers, masters, shapers and cutters over a 12 hour period. Yes it takes more than 12 hours to finish each glass! Glass blowing requires extreme skills, patience and coordination. Lets us share how every glass starts its life and finally ends up in your home.

1. The journey starts here

Believe it or not, glass is actually made by heating sand so hot it turns into liquid. But don’t worry, this cannot happen at the beach, it requires a specialised furnace, hotter than 1000⁰F. Our glass is made from a combination of Sand (Silica), Sodium Carbonate (Lime) and Calcium Oxide. Of course we can’t tell you the exact amounts of each because that would be giving away too much of our secrets.

2. Melting sand in a furnance

The raw materials are then placed into a furnace for 24 hours. The compartment where the melting takes place is called a crucible, this is where the sand slowly melts and becomes a clear liquid and what we now call liquid molten glass.

3. Introducing the blowpipe and a star is born

Using a steel blowpipe, one of our expert glass blowers (often referred to as a master) will reach inside the furnace crucible and collect a layer of liquid molten glass on the end of a steel blowpipe.

4. Creating a cylindrical shape

The master then creates a cylindrical shape by constantly rotating the molten glass. This is required to keep the temperature constant across the surface of the glass.

5. Blowing into the mold

The master then places the tip of the steel pipe into a iron mold and carefully blows on the other end of the pipe. This fills the mold will liquid glass where it will assume it’s shape for the rest of its life. It takes extreme skill to not only place the molten glass into the mold but also blowing it at just the right pressure. This is reason why no two glasses ever exactly the same.

6. Cooling

Shaped glasses then begin the cooling process (called annealing), whereby the glass is placed in an oven designed to slowly lower the temperature over a 12 hour period. This process is critical to relieve any internal stresses inside the glass. Annealing also introduced heat resistant characteristics.

7. Cutting and final shaping

After the annealing process has finished and the glass is completely cooled. The glass piece is cut to the desired height and a hot razor sharp flame is used to smooth all edges.

8. Boxing

The production process is finished when the glass is cleaned in an ionised bath, dried and carefully fitted into a protective cushion inside a stunning box. Ready to be

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